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If you stopped getting a Sonos speaker because they are too expensive, some bad news: they are going to be more expensive. Since September 12, Sonos has been raising the prices of almost all of its products.

Technically, it’s not coming out of the blue. During her earnings call last month, Sonos chief financial officer Brittany Bagley confirmed that the card had a price increase.

“We always evaluate our prices not only on the basis of cost, but also from the point of view of supply where we are and what demand is,” Bagley said. Call. “And when we look at all these things, we’re going to raise some prices before our next fiscal year.”

This indicates that global chip shortages and supply chain problems have finally hit Sonos. In a statement sent to Gizmodo, a spokesman for Sonos confirmed that “the dynamics of marketing, including demand, supply chain, and cost of components and competitive landscape” were involved in the decision.

The price changes to red.

The price changes to red.
Screenshot: Gizmodo

Not every Sonos speaker will see a price increase. Sonos Move, Port and Boost will be at their current prices as desired Sonos’ Ikea Symphonic Speaker. The newly launched Sonos Rome will see a small increase in size, a $ 10 jump 169 to $ 179. Both the Sonos One and One SL will cost an additional 20 at $ 219 and 199 199, respectively. The Sonos Five, Sub and Amp will cost $ 50 more each. It brings the new price to পাঁচ 549 for five, $ 749 for Saber and $ 699 for Amp. The biggest trip is of course for this Sonos Arc. The Dolby Atoms soundbar now costs $ 100 plus $ 899.

Some of these price increases are relatively small, others are a little harder to swallow. Most notable is the price of the Sonos home theater speaker Looks like the hardest hit. It makes sense: Many people have invested in home theater gadgets thanks to the epidemic. However, home theater setups have always been expensive and it is difficult to make them even more expensive. This is especially true when you consider Dolby Atoms – Sonos Arc’s big sales center – being added to the increasingly affordable soundbars.

Although Sonos said it would raise prices, a two-day short notice for anyone thinking of a new Sonos speaker. Sonos did not say when September 12 will change, so if you’re going to buy before the hike, you may want to make sure it’s between now and Saturday evening.

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