Sun. May 29th, 2022

I mentioned it in my comments and wanted to see if anyone else remembered. Sony solved this problem years ago but could not follow it properly due to their horizontal corporate structure and weak mobile division. I did a demo and was shocked to find that at that time any Android smartphone with a slide out keyboard had the same thickness / footprint. This means that it can be carried and used like a normal phone and without compromising on anything on a regular phone other than gaming. Maybe A little extra thickness. Nothing to remember to bring along, connect or configure, it was there. Replace those analog touchpads with some 3DS like Sarlespad and you have an effective product and gaming platform. And since it was a phone they could sell a pop every 2-4 years to people for $ 700 + but instead they tried to sell a $ 250 console to people every 6 years like Vita, $ 300 if they get a 3G model . .. good call sonny!

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