Sony is making a movie ‘Ghost of Susima’ with the director of John Wick

Add Sushima’s ghost Sony plans to adapt a multimedia franchise to its list of PlayStation features. Sony will rotate the pictures In a live-action movie with Chad Stehelsky off Set to manage reputation. He later made the first report in the news with Sony . Developer Sukar Punch Productions will help produce the project, with Peter Kong representing the studio there.

Relaxed, based on Japan’s first Mongol invasion in 1274, Sushima’s ghost The story is told by Jean Sakai, who voiced Japanese-American actor Daisuk Suji. After a catastrophic defeat at the hands of the Mongols, where his uncle was taken prisoner, a samurai named Sakai took himself to free Susima Island. Along the way, he was forced to re-evaluate his moral code as he tried to wrestle his home from the Mongols. Sushima’s ghost Sony has had both critical and commercial success, selling 5.5 million copies since its debut last summer.

Naturally, Sony, a subsidiary of Game, is also working on the project. News when back Adaptations broke down at first, said Chris Parnell, vice president of PlayStation Productions The Hollywood Reporter The series was the company’s “first of many” project. He wasn’t kidding.

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