Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

After helping to make the mirrorless impressive, Sony has stopped selling A-mount DSLR cameras in appearance. As first seen Rumors of Sonialfa, The A. 68, A 99 second And A77 second Moved from Sony’s website And camera experts listed it as “no longer available” B&H photo video. Sony has not directly confirmed the news, but Engadget has arrived to comment.

It has become quite clear that Sony was no longer interested in making DSLRs (the gold term is DSLT due to certain translucent mirrors), as the latest model has been announced as the 42-megapixel A99 II. Back in 2016. The only announcement of late was one Adapter Which will allow e-mount camera owners to use A-mount lenses.

Meanwhile, Sony has widely expanded the features and number of mirrorless models, both in the full frame and in the APS-C sensor segment. It has reached models like the 61-megapixel A7R IV High-resolution model, 12-megapixel A7S III For videos and hybrids, 1 at 50-megapixels That makes everything better. At the same time, competitors like Canon have taken big steps with mirrorless models like this EOS-R5, When even Back separation In DSLR products.

Sony’s A-mount DSLRs (starting with At 100), Derived from Acquisition of Konica Minolta, so it really looks like the end of an era. Fortunately, there is much to look forward to next year, including the possible release of the Sony A7 IV and many more exciting new cameras. Nikon, Canon And others.

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