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When parents buy A brand new PlayStation 5 for the family if they Can find one– Chances are they’ll take over A few first-party accessories Go along the console. This could be Sony’s latest inclusion Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. These headphones are the default for PS5 owners, but I’m here to expand your horizons – you don’t have to stick with accessories made by Sony.

The Pulse 3D works great, priced at $ 99, but you don’t need headphones to make the most of the PlayStation 5’s sleek new 3D audio technology. Save your money. There is a possibility of having a consistent pair of headphones around you which will suffice.

For PS5

This wireless headset comes with a USB dongle that you plug into a PC, Mac or PlayStation and it attaches Pulse 3D to the system. You’ll get a 3.5-mm headphone cable so you can plug it into anything with an audio jack. However, on almost every device you get a basic stereo audio experience. The draw is Sony’s Tempest 3D Audio Tech, which you’ll only get when you hook the Pulse to the PS5.

Tempest is a new system that allows game developers to associate words with specific objects and enable them to change words based on their relative position, which further immerses the game world. The trick is that all of this happens in software. There is one Very complex explanation For How it all works, But the good news is that it works on most stereo headsets. No surroundings needed, Virtual or otherwise, Listening to audio that sounds like it’s moving through three-dimensional space.

This puts Pulse 3D in a strange position. Despite the subtleties embedded in the name, you actually are No. Sony’s first-party headset is needed to take advantage of the Tempest system Almost any wired or wireless headset will do. That means Sony’s hardware has to stand on its own two feet.

For such an inexpensive headset, the Pulse booms with lightning bolts and provides crisp, detailed sound where it is calculated. Paired with the PS5, there are three equalizer presets to choose from — Standard, Base Boost, and Shooter — and three slots where you can adjust your own. This is a convenient way to tweak the audio to your liking, and if you decide to change it, go back to the same settings later.

Too bad the Pulse 3D doesn’t have a boom mic (an extended microphone that usually stays outside the headset). The headset doesn’t do a great job of isolating your voice from background noise, so you’ll want to play it often in a loud environment. See elsewhere.

A strict design

Photo: Sony

The physical design and build of a pair of headphones is like a computer-generated image (CGI) in a movie. Okay, you might not notice the visual effects, but badly done, they’re stuck like a sore thumb. Pulse 3D falls into the next camp. The plastic cover of cans and headbands is cheap and fragile. The cup buttons in the left ear are thin, sharp and uncomfortable to touch.

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