Sony wants to bring ‘popular’ PlayStation game franchises to phones

Sony hasn’t done much with the PlayStation game franchises unless you prefer one-off Unprotected: Fortune Hunter, But that may change soon. Eurogamer There is Notice That’s Sony Recruitment An executive at PlayStation Studios will focus on bringing PlayStation’s “most popular franchises” to mobile. Although the list doesn’t surprisingly mention a title or a timeline, the new head of mobile will develop a three- to five-year strategy.

The company has a long history of trying to match the PlayStation brand with phones without much success. Sony’s most well-known effort, except for a handful of games Xperia Play – A “PlayStation phone” that was ahead of its time (witness gaming phones like this ROG Phone 5) But commercial flop. The PlayStation Mobile name is more well-related to PC ports Horizon Zero Dawn.

It is not difficult to see why Sony will use mobile. This could bring the PlayStation brand to a wider audience and certainly benefit from in-app purchases. Title choice Fortnet, Pub And Roblex Mobile gamers have a huge amount of success. The challenge is certainly performing that strategy. Games have to adapt to mobile without losing what makes them special On your console. If they look like water-down ports or cash-ins, they can’t succeed.

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