Sony’s DualSense controller now works with Apple devices for PS5 remote play

You will be able to use the dualsense controller to play PS5 After upgrading to the latest version of the game on Apple devices PS Remote Play Application For iOS. IOS 14.5 has removed the Sony capabilities of iPads running iPads and iPads 14.5 running iPhones, giving you the option to use dualsense instead of the old dualshack controller if you want. Even if you want to use the new controller, you don’t get the full experience in remote play.

According to Edge And several PS5 players On Reddit, You will be able to enjoy games with adapted triggers as you are supposed to play on iOS devices. The presence of hepatics, however, can be random. It seems to support basic hepatic responses, but not more advanced hepatics for titles like this. Control. Can see as touch feedback Promote Gameplay experience, its absence can make certain games enjoy less than the feature. Also, Edge Dualsense’s built-in microphone, headphone jack and speakers will also not work on remote play.

Without proper haptic feedback and mic / speaker support, switching from DualShock to DualSense won’t make much sense. However, you now have the option to use at least the new controller, including your iPhone and iPad, and Sony can still upgrade the app to ensure that DualSense features are properly supported in the future.

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