Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Sony September PlayStation Showcase Was Juicy. In just over an hour, the studio has shown more than a dozen upcoming, highly anticipated games on the PS4 and PS5 that have been completed with some big surprises and plenty of trailers.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, A remake of the classic BioWare RPG is being built for PS5 only. This is a big deal, considering it didn’t come on the original PlayStation platforms. From there, Sony unveiled a handful of extended windows and extended trailers, including games. Little Tinner Wonderlands, The Alan Wake Remister, Sacrifice, GTA V on PS5, Ghostwar: Tokyo, Project Eve, Gran Turismo 7 And The God of War is Ragnaric.

It wasn’t even the end of it. Tropical, open-world sandbox trailer Tichia The adorable, petable crab-filled beach ended and it was an absolute dream.

Oh, and Spider-Man Studio Insomniac Games has revealed that it is working on two new titles for the Marvel universe: Wolverine And Spider-Man 2, Featuring Venom. The Wolverine The game was a complete surprise and Insomniac didn’t share many details, but the teaser trailer was short and stylish – much like the show.

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