Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

A push for both Apple and Google, South Korea The main app store has passed a law today requiring alternative payment methods to be approved. The Wall Street Journal Reported that the bill was rubber-stamped by President Moon Jae-in, forcing platform holders to open their stores. Also, the new rules will prevent unreasonable delays in app approvals, which have been described as a way to prevent retaliation against developers. Companies that fail to comply with the ruling run the risk of being fined up to three percent of their internal revenue.

This bill could have a global impact because of the war Google And Apple has struggled with the dominance of their app platform. Both companies are on fire for regulators and developers to verify and select their business practices to run the App and Play Store, respectively. In July, 36 United States It has launched a no-confidence lawsuit against Google over concerns that it is violating the no-confidence law, while Apple has a well-documented feud with both. Epic Games And Spotify. Officials from both the United States and Europe Wrestling with anxiety With the future of digital payments, both South Korean law and how both companies respond to it can be seen.

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