SpaceX charts a route for the starship’s first orbital test flight

Follow , SpaceX now plans to try the Starship prototype into orbit. In this , Details how the company expects its next test aircraft to be unveiled

According to the document, a starship craft fitted with a super heavy booster will take advantage of the company’s Tokas introduction to Boca Chika. Within about three minutes of the plane, the booster stage will splash off into the Gulf of Mexico, about 20 miles off the coast. The Starship rocket will cross the Florida Straits before it enters orbit and returns to Earth before attempting to land in a soft sea about 62 miles off the northwest coast of Cowie. If everything goes according to plan, the whole flight from start to finish takes 90 minutes to finish.

Before SN15, a prototype super-heavy rocket exploded on all of SpaceX’s Starship test flights. The flight was an important step for SpaceX. And if the company can successfully remove this latest test, it will be closer to realizing its vision to take Starship to the people. . It will be an important show that NASA was right to trust SpaceX to provide a suitable starship lunar lander for its upcoming period. .

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