Sun. May 29th, 2022

It’s really, really not. That’s like saying that an 18 wheeler is too expensive when you just need to drive to work. For the right use case it’s really nothing. Previously this was impossible or in the 10s of thousands range.

I crossed the atlantic in a sailboat a few years ago. To have some safety we had a satellite connection on board which, for the trip, cost hundreds and all we got out of it was not even 56k.

If you’re in a remote enough place $500 for 500mbs is nothing. This will light up lots of places with internet that couldn’t anything before.

This isn’t just your grand pas shed in the woods (who can then also share it with their neighbors to drive the price down).

But what I find the most amazing is that it can light up all those places, small villages etc. in developing countries that have no access. You wouldn’t put a 500mbps line in everyone’s home, but if a village shares one of those, maybe with some aid, you can light that place up. At least it’s possible now.

Of the 37% of people that never used the internet, a good chunk would be able to get at some least some connection over this. That’s possibly billions of people.

This isn’t for students, living in cities to compete with the local 1gbps fiber lines.

(That is on top of the other use cases, like shaving off a few ms between stock exchanges that people will pay premium for)

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