Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

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Almost every movie released in 2021 came with a whisper request from fans: “I hope it won’t tank.” In some ways, it was just a desperate wish that the movie could not suck. But it was also a hope for something more: it was always in turmoil Covid-19 Epidemic scenes, make the movie a success, make money, find audiences. Moviegoers are now quite aware that if a certain franchise / director / star does not do well, then the chances of more movies from that franchise / director / star are reduced. Success creates opportunities for more success.

But the coronavirus in 2022, even what Is Success? Traditionally, it has been measured by box office receipts (for movies) and viewership (for TVs). But in the age of streaming, and especially in this epidemic-induced episode of the theater-streaming hybrid, there is no single metric to determine whether a film has done well, leaving everyone বিশেষ especially Hollywood executives একটু a little worried about the future. Or, at least, it was before Spider-Man found its way home.

Holiday weekend, Spider-Man: No Way Home Went head to head with the long anticipated Matrix resurrection And absolutely crushed it. So or so would think. Resurrection About $ 12 million internally during its opening weekend, while Spiders are human Made More than $ 81 million, Although it was in the second week of release. It would seem quite dark for Neo and company, unless you remember that the movie was released on HBO Max the same day it hit theaters, while Spidey was released in a strictly theater. Still, the streaming viewership wasn’t that impressive. Only 2.8 million smart-TV families have watched Lana Wachowski’s The Matrix Sequel / reboot thing, According to the streaming viewership firm Samba TV. But wait, there’s more! In contrast to that small number, Torrentfrick reported Monday that Resurrection The first week of the new year was the most pirated movie.

What does all this say? Many kinds and nothing kind. If anything, it says that the metrics of success and popularity in filmmaking are changing. Fast. There is no other place to consume any film, a movie theater, a streaming service, a VOD platform. Determining how much the audience appreciates them seems like a third year algebra. Streaming numbers, box office totals, torrents, hell, rotten tomato scores, and trending on Twitter বলে these all tell us something, but one less push, it’s hard to say it’s a real hit. It would have been easy to chalk up Resurrection‘Tapid theatrical performances in Covid’s fast-expanding Omicron variant, if it weren’t for the reality No way home So well done it would be easy to call it a flop, if it weren’t for the fact that so many people are tormenting it. Both films have received good reviews from critics, but as such Eternal Proven, even Rotten tomatoes To be able to Do well at the box office In an epidemic

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