Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

The game is high for Novak Djokovic as he tries to cancellation of his visa. The Australian Open will be an opportunity for the Serbian tennis axis to break its three-way bond with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. They each have 20 Grand Slam titles.

Djokovic has so far refused to follow the lead of his two opponents and vaccinate against coronavirus. The visa drive will therefore demonstrate the cost of vaccine skepticism versus the merits of a top athlete.

Over his career, Djokovic earn more than $ 150 million, more than $ 20m more than Federer, according to data provider Spotrac. It’s a different story when endorsements are counted. Federer wins the trophy with $ 1.1 billion in lifetime earnings. This makes the Swiss, according to Sportico, a sports news website, the tenth highest paid athlete of all time. It reflects his grace, multilingualism and long career.

Last year, Djokovic renewed its partnership with Lacoste until 2025. The French fashion brand said the Serbian player’s values, his altruism and dedication to the younger generation matched the company’s own.

Vaccine skepticism, however, may be too niche for some fans. In contrast, former National Football League player Colin Kaepernick got an advertising deal from Nike because he was a civil rights activist. Tiger Woods and Maria Sharapova, meanwhile, have been hit hard after a messy adultery and a failed drug test, respectively.

Graph showing how the earnings of the top 10 paid athletes remained despite the pandemic.  2020 figures ($ million) for salaries paid and earnings from product endorsements.

The bigger issue for Djokovic is that if he can not travel easily to compete, his top flight career will be over.

The outbreak of coronavirus posed a threat to all sponsorship income. When Uefa, the European governing body, risk for clubs, it reckoned they were larger outside the upper level. They had a greater chance of being renegotiated, as they tended to sign shorter sponsorship contracts – sometimes for just a year.

In American basketball and football, substitute players kept leagues on schedule, supporting broadcasting rights payments and ticket sales. The NFL raised more than $ 5 billion in TV money in 2021. Viewership this season has approached record levels, despite Covid-19. Expect February’s Super Bowl to continue, whatever it takes.

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