Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Spotify may not be the first service that comes to mind when you think of blocking other users. However, the features of the streaming app may explain you No more tongues You can still access your playlist or activity. Today the company is extensively updating how you block another user on its platform, giving you the ability to do it yourself for the first time. Before, you had to contact customer service to get the job done, but now you can get the job done on the Spotify app from a desktop or mobile device.

Users have been demanding for a way to block others directly for quite some time. In 2018, the company Nominated a block attribute As a “good idea”, although it was not officially a product roadmap and no timeline for arrival. In 2019, Spotify began allowing users Block artist They never wanted to hear from the “don’t play this artist” option. Still, you had no choice but to keep your ex or someone else who wouldn’t want to see your stuff unless you contact the company for help.

To block someone on Spotify, just go to their profile and click the … button. Select “Block” or “Block User” on mobile, and that person will no longer be able to access your page, public playlist or view your listening activity. As you might expect, if you ever change your mind, there is an “unblock” option

Spotify says the introduction of a direct blocking feature is part of its ongoing mission to give users the best experience possible and create a safe environment for them to listen to music and podcasts. You can expect the new functionality to start rolling out this week.

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