Spotify explains how its voice assistant uses your data

Spotify’s Introducing a voice assistant Some have raised privacy questions, and the agency is trying to handle some of them forward. There are streaming music giants Described To get more started with how “Hey Spotify” works, including how it listens and uses your data, Spotify insisted that the voice assistant be strictly al “You must turn it on, and you can switch it whenever you want.”

The company was adamant that the assistant was not recording everything you said. It only starts capturing voice data when you say a waking sound or tap the action button and it stops after handling the request. An app will always have an audiovisual queue, such as the tone played during voice-enabled ads. The Spotify app listens to waking words “in a few seconds snippet” but they are deleted if you don’t say the right word.

You can’t be thrilled with where your data goes though. Spotify Dr. In a FAQ That it used data to provide “more relevant” (targeted) ads, not just to enhance voice functionality and develop features. It doesn’t matter if you are a premium customer, but it is noticeable if you prefer a more rigid id in your data. Spotify added that Spotify shared some information with cloud storage providers and other partners when needed to make it work.

Details don’t come too long after critics like Access Now Concerned About the recently granted Spotify Speech Recognition Patent. The discovery allows Spotify to identify details such as age, gender, pronunciation and even your “sensitive state”. In theory, Spotify can use you to handle it or handle your emotions. Not only is it patented and guaranteed to deliver any product, but there is a concern in the clarity that features like the Spotify Voice Assistant (unveiled after initial criticism) could do more than just line up your favorite songs.

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