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The TikTok-ification of Spotify has the image of the article titled Begun

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Another day that will end with Y means trying another big platform Copy TikTok’s format Hoping to capture more users in the desired 18-34 population. This is a cycle that we can repeat day by day, until TikTok or time itself ceases to exist. This time, the platform is (Spin Giant Wheel) Spotify.

On wednesday TechCrunch reported That music streaming platform Follow the footsteps Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Netflix, Snapchat, Checks an endless scrolling vertical video feed and much more. In the case of Spotify, that feed will appear in a newly-minted Discover tab between the Home and Search buttons and allow users to flip, e.g. Or skip a curated selection of music videos.

The feature was first specified by the developer Chris Messina, Who mentioned in a tweet that the new feed is “basically a parad down version of a TikTok-style feed of vertical music videos.” In the same thread, Messina speculates that Discover Scroll will probably use the same canvas format that Spotify first began implementing in 2019, allowing artists to add high-style video clips to their music in the Spotify app.

As Spotify mentioned in the past, preliminary data shows that Canvas Engagement drives seem to make users more likely to interact with songs that have features attached. And it’s worth noting that, unlike Instagram, it’s obviously frustrating Subper reel features, Spotify actually has a strong foothold in video games by being just a music-centric platform. The popularity of TikTok’s videos, after all, is fueled by the short music clips they sample — who says the opposite can’t be true for Spotify?

The Discover project on Spotify is still in the early stages of testing, so there’s no way we’ll see if we’ll see it roll out more widely on iOS and Android soon. But one thing we can definitely believe – as much as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west – inevitably more platforms are trying to cosplay as TikTok in the near future.

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