Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Later The same thing For Disney, Spotify has launched one Netflix Hub Bringing together all the soundtracks, playlists and podcasts of the streaming service Although many of Netflix’s soundtracks were already on Spotify, the new feature keeps all the content related to the service in one place.

It includes playlists and soundtracks from series and films The Money Hist, Narcos: Mexico, External bank, Squid game, Tick, tick … boom! And Cowboy Bebop. It also features podcasts like Netflix content All right, listen now, Netflix is ​​a daily joke, 10/10 will recommend And The Crown: The Official Podcast.

Spotify has also introduced some special components for the hub, including a Advanced album For western cinema The harder they fall And a refresh Content destination For The Money Hist. The latter has only mobile features Character matching experience Combine La Banda characters and soundtrack.

In terms of features, Netflix Hub is more than just what Spotify has to offer for Disney, though the next content is more iconic thanks to the soundtracks of Star Wars and the like. Toy Story 4. In the case of the reverse combination, Netflix will soon release a Spotify drama based on a non-fiction book centered on co-founders Daniel One and Martin Lorentz. Spotify Untold.

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