Square Enix denies takeover rumors

A Late Of Recent Game Studio Acquisition Guessing who will be in the future has left many. Okay, it probably won’t be Square Enix. There are Japanese studios To reject Report Claim It was offered by multiple potential buyers. In a statement released today, Square Enix explicitly denied that it was suspending any sales or contacting interested parties.

“We do not consider selling the company or any part of its business, nor have we received any offers from third parties to acquire any part of the company or its business,” the company said.

The rumor appears to have originated from CTFN – a subscription news site that specializes in merger and acquisition reports – which quoted and repeated two bankers. Bloomberg Japan. Industry analyst David Gibson Dr. This happened after the bankers tried to expand their business in Square Enix Marvel’s Avengers Post Poor sales. Tokyo-based consultant Dr. Shares of the company have risen about 14 percent due to rumors.

At the same time, the issue of integration in the gaming industry has spread as key players see their digital stores and bourgeoisie being encouraged. Subscription service With exclusive title. Recent deals include Microsoft .5 7.5 billion takeover Acquisition of Bethesda owner Genimax, EA Codemasters And Epic Games’ purchase Tonic Games Group (Parents The boys read Mediatonic studies).

While the Square Enix is ​​quick to encapsulate the Tok o weight collision, it is easy to see why it would be an interesting target. Permanent franchises like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Heart and more new titles such as Final Fantasy are featured in the company. Outdrawer. However, it is bound by the existing licensing agreement, including the upcoming games Forspoken For PS5 and PC.

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