Square Enix will showcase ‘The Fall of Babylon’ from Platinum Games during E3

Square Enix E3 A new look will be included in the June 13 presentation The fall of Babylon. First Ted at E3 2018, The last time we got a glimpse of the game, Sony was in the state of play livestream 2019. As well Project GG, This is one of several real IPs Near: Automata Developer Platinum Games is working behind the scenes. When we saw The fall of Babylon, We’ve got some specifics from software vibes from games. It will be interesting to see how it developed since then.

Square Enix promises to share a closer look Life is diverse: true color, Which the publisher plans to release on September 10 and an update on it Marvel’s Avengers. Speaking of Marvel, Eid Dos-Montreal Game Square says it could be the guardian of the Galaxy project working in the studio. Since 2017, According to Bloomberg Jason Sherrier. Like many other conferences scheduled for E3, we will be streaming live during the process. The Square Enix presentation begins at 3:15 p.m. ET.

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