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Benedict Ong is waving his hand while wearing a sharp blue suit and tie.

Benedict Wong at its premiere Gemini male October 6, 2019, in Hollywood.
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We don’t know how much Netflix paid to buy the adaptation rights Liu SixinIts best-selling sci-fi series Memories of the past of the world, But We have heard rumors Amazon tried to snatch them for 1 billion. Netflix then reportedly paid Game of Thrones Exhibitor David Benioff and DB Weiss $ 200 million for services including overseeing the adaptation of the first book Trilogy, 3-Physical problems. Now, Netflix has spent even more cash, as the first dozen stars of the series have been announced, and that’s quite a list.

As Deadline Report, Benedict Ong (Dr. Strange And other MCU films), Sai Chin (Shang-chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings), And Game of Thrones Star Liam Cunningham (who played Davos) and John Bradley (who played Samuel Turley) are probably the most recognizable names for io9 readers.. But there is also Sagar Shimuka, who played Oliver’s unknown honest sister Amiko On Arrows, And Jovan Adepo, who played the young Will Reeves The watchman TV series. We knew Baby driverIts Iza Gonzalez was in talks to join the project, but you can consider him officially signed-ALong with Jesse Hong, Marlowe Kelly, Alex Sharp, Zine Seng and Sam Usmani.

3-Physical problems (Which Netflix seems to have headlined instead Traditional “three”) about an astronomer who saw his father killed in China Cultural revolution. Later, he discovers an alien civilization on a planet that is dangerously trapped between three stars and mistakenly invites them to invade Earth. When the news hits, different groups of humanity emerge with very different ideas about what to do next.

If there’s a chance that Netflix paid a billion dollars for the rights to these books, you know it’s going to cost a lot of money to make 3-Physical problems A sci-fi series can be as outstanding as it gets, so maybe we’ll get the series in 2022, though I won’t bet on it.

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