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Star Trek: Discovery's Kulbar and Stamets look at each other affectionately at the piano bar on a spaceship.

More piano bars on spacecraft, please.
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Star TrekOf Progressive LGBTQ history There have been many ups and downs, and Discovery It is no exception that it charts the chaotic lives of two of its biggest characters: Anthony Rap’s Paul Stamets and Wilson Cruz’s Hugh Culber, who went through it. A A lot Together In Season four roads. But now, looking back, how this pairing is reflected in their character with the newly extended family DiscoveryIts strange spirit has grown.

“I think what we know about it is that we respect this long-standing experience of the weirdest people throughout history, who we make our families. Sometimes, our actual families can’t accept who we are and who we love, so we build these family units for ourselves so that we can work around the world and get the support we need in our lives, ”Cruz recently told io9. Reflected during a video call with 8 “And to have an example of this in the future – we will continue to be a wonderful community that stands by and holds each other and supports each other through this life. It really makes sense to me personally.”

It’s not just Culber and Stamets who are sharing the spotlight DiscoveryEmbrace the weird storytelling. In the third season, the couple sees themselves taking on another strange character under their wings, Adira (played by Blue D).El Barrio), who joined a trail symbiont through the amazing process of becoming a man — previously with her boyfriend Gray (hosted by Ian Alexander, the franchisee). First publicly trans actor) “After three seasons, before it comes out – before anyone knows who Adira is, I’ll tell people, ‘Just wait! You’ll meet this amazing character’ – and they go, ‘OK, Great, “” Rapp tells us. “But now that they know Adira, now that everyone has invested in it, I’m glad we’ve established a part of it in such a big way.”

Ian Alexander in the gray character, with Adira of Del Barrio in the background.

Ian Alexander in the gray character, with Adira of Del Barrio in the background.
Pictures: Michael Gibson / Paramount +

“She is OK Me Every time he did it. Didn’t help! ” del Barrio added jokingly. The pressure on the ship is still obvious: they now play a much bigger role as an official member of the ship Discovery In four seasons, the crew has been promoted to E positionnsign, along with the rest, is playing an important role Star Trek: DiscoveryIts cast, however, for Dale Barrio, not only played a strange character that was important to them, but it Star Trek These weird characters were also expanding his cast to be played by prominent, weird actors. “I also, perhaps selfishly, want to add that it seems like such a big deal that these people – like, we love each other, but also see weird actors. [in these parts]. I mean, it’s done, it’s not the first time you’ve seen a weird family in a show or a movie, but it’s not necessarily every time. All Strange actor, “tHey note “so having it allows it to be translated into real life, which is great.”

The three actors have a big plot goal to work towards coming from season three to four, even everyone Is Busy with it too Completely unusual business. “Dr. Culber makes a promise that at the end of season three [Gray] See you, and when Dr. Culber makes a promise, he keeps it, ”said Cruz Stamates, Culber and Adira, about removing their dead boyfriend from their symbol and searching for him to be dragged into the ship’s physical presence. . “It simply came to our notice then. Because it’s important to Hughes — he understands what it’s like to be in the middle of existence — he’s real and visible. And we need all things [Gray’s] Able to do this for the crew-As much as for us, for him. I’m really proud of what we’re doing. “

Corporal or otherwise, it is not surprising to Cruz that Kulbar simply wants to raise his strange family on board. “We have a lot! We have Ian Alexander, we have Tig Notaro … this strange family is huge and it’s an example that we are everywhere,” Cruz celebrates. “We can Something. And I think that’s the message we’re sending. “

Star Trek: Discovery The fourth season is now streaming at Paramount +.

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