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Rafi and the Seven of Nine, Star Trek: Picard - on either side of an image of a ship flying over a burning infinity symbol on the cover of No Man's Land.

With Rafi and Seven’s courage … ready to go.
Pictures: CBS / Simon & Schuster

Star Trek: PicardOf Basically a confusing season Finish Michelle Hard and Jerry Ryan’s Rafi and Seven … well, a handful of steps involved in the wide-ranging franchise’s diverse character approach. Look, baby step! However, when we are not sure what Season two There will be Shop for themAt least some of the things we know now are about to get a whole lot queerer in a new audio play.

Published as Today, Simon and Schuster are releasing a new audio drama starring Hard and Ryan called Star Trek: Picard – No Man’s Land. A complete audio drama composed Picard Co-creator Kirsten Bear and LongTime Trek Comic writer Mike Johnson, Boundary line The first is set immediately after the end of the season Picard. Jean-Luc’s newly found crew take some time away from the ship Mermaid, Boundary line Rafi and Seven are seen settling on Earth to hide behind Rafi, only to find peace when a request from Fenris Ranger pushes the two on a relief mission to a distant planet. With a Romulan w newsArlord’s efforts to find a mysterious scientist, the owner of a similar mysterious Infinity Loop Talisman, rely on the two of them to help keep everyone alive.

Image courtesy of Star Trek article: Picard Audio draws the most fun time and brings Romulan Warriors

Pictures: CBS / Simon & Schuster

Plus, also, be weird! Says Boundary line See Rafi and Seven “take temporary steps to explore last-minute imagery Picard First season. “Which is a good thing, because leaning over a blink-and-you-miss-it-hand-holding as your only contemporary presentation in the background. Star Trek The show in 2022, okay, just isn’t going to be bold these days. Star Trek There is Much better About bringing weird stories, characters and talents across the LGBTQ + community Lately up front, And Picard There should be no exceptions. Hopefully beyond what will happen Boundary line, We’ll see if Seven and Rafi will explore their connection to each other on screen when the series returns this year!

Star Trek: Picard – No Man’s Land, Featuring Fred Tatasio, John Cassier, John Cutmore-Scott and many more, will be released on February 22.

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