‘Star Trek: Picard’ marks the return of two trailer queues for the season

As Star Trek fans know, today is Captain Picard Day. To celebrate the occasion, there is CBS First trailer released For Two seasons Star Trek: Picard. The clip opens with Captain Picard calling his rollman housemaid Loris and questioning her, “Oh, dear, you’re a little bigger than I imagined,” Jean de Lancey scoffed at his role. Almighty being. “Mon Captain, how I missed you.”

We then see a compilation of scenes depicting alternate versions of the Star Trek universe where Eleanor and Rafi run, Rios wearing a fancy new Starfleet Delta, and Dr. Jurati is captured. “Scenes, my friend, weren’t taken at the very end of the road,” says Ki as the scenes unfolded. The trailer woke up at seven of nine to find his Berg implants missing. Are we seeing a perspective on Star Trek where Q has never been forced to confront Enterprise-D and Class? We don’t know, and we’ll have to wait until next year to know when the second season will be Star Trek: Picard Injury Paramount +.

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