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This post contains medium spoiler for the first episode and little spoiler for the second episodeStar Trek: Prodigy. ‘

How do you create a series that can draw in newcomers even though it still appeals to long time fans? About this Star Trek: Prodigy, You set it up in a place where the United Federation of Planets doesn’t have a presence – Delta Quadrangle – and make your cast a bunch of misfit kids who have never heard of Federation or Starfleet. It provides enough tidbit to keep their trekking parents curious as well as puts the show at the level that kids expect to draw.

Pilot, ‘Lost and Found’ is a feature-length episode that debuted today Paramount + (This means it is technically two parts). It was originally planned to air on Nickelodeon, but was changed to a streaming-exclusive for 2021, and the cable channel will broadcast it on a still-unknown date. The animated show fills in the gaps in the content at the end Lower deck Earlier this month and its premiere Discovery Season four In November – as a result, fans should be taken to the beginning of season two Picard In February. The idea is to prevent Star Trek fans from dropping their subscriptions to Paramount + during downtime, something that was fairly common at the time. DiscoveryIts first three seasons.


Assume that, however, that Prodigy There are some that offer adult fans. And this is where Trek Vidya has a deep connection. Although Voyager has spent seven years in the Delta Quadrant, the ship’s mission to return to Federation space means it can’t stay in one place too long, or return to its previous locale. . There’s a ton left to explore – as well as plenty of room for the creators of Prodigy, Dan and Kevin Hagman, to populate the universe in their own corner.

First, they need to be introduced to their main characters, and that’s what ‘Lost and Found’ is all about. The cast of our misfits, led by Dal (voiced by Brett Gray), live in a mining colony populated by prisoners and orphans. This is the last place anyone wants to be, especially a Star Trek character, which is why the main drive is just descending from this dark rock. But immediately the series highlights his remarks about the federation staying away from space and technology, as residents cannot even talk to each other due to the lack of a universal translator. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. For more than 55 years, Star Trek has put its cast together with aliens who all speak English. It’s the future! Different languages ​​are not a problem!

Except here, they. It even keeps the characters from knowing each other’s names, which makes discoveries USS Protostar And its built-in translator is a perfect opportunity for everyone to re-introduce themselves to each other and thus to the audience. And, when Dal and Rocktuck discover a lost Starfleet ship buried beneath the planet’s surface, the ship itself may fill them with amazement, but it’s the translator who really reacts the most enthusiastically: Rocktalk calls it “magic.” It’s a rather appropriate role for a franchise with the goal of “finding new life and a new civilization,” how it puts the connection between these different aliens to the fore.

When I saw the pilot at the New York Comic Con A few weeks ago, I compare shows like this Clone Wars And Rebels. The Star Wars influence that JJ Abrams brought to the Star Trek franchise still exists Prodigy, Notably in its action sequences and scores, the latter being frequently composed by Michael Giachino’s collaborator Nami Melumad. Giachino is best known for his work in various Pixar and Star Trek films, and he also provides the main themes. Prodigy. You can hear its effect on Meluma’s score, which does a great job of mixing a weird style with the signature track latemotif.

The final action sequence sounds like authentic Star Wars, e.g. USS Protostar Making his way from the planet and the stalks getting stuck on his hull, the villain fights Drednok. The cyborg body, like the bad guy’s insect, reminds me of General Greaves – if the general could turn into a giant gun, that is. It’s the kind of thing that works best in CG and the like Lower deck Before this, Prodigy Seems to be willing to embrace the extra freedom granted by animation as a medium. We have long ago the Clanky microfitch display and cosplaying dog Of the original series.

That freedom was voiced by Kate Mulgrew (of course) The hologram is best illustrated in the character of Captain Zenway. It’s been more than 20 years Voyager Last acted on the small screen, and kept busy on shows like Mulgrew Warehouse 13 And Orange is the new black. But in the Star Trek universe, it’s only been six years (although an exact date is never given on-screen. Prodigy) Animation means they can easily delete decades from Zenway without resorting to awesome live-action simulacrams. The villain one Muff Tarkin and Princess Lear.

Holgram Zenway makes its debut at the end of today’s pilot episode, but she will make a much more fulfilling appearance in next week’s ‘Starstruck’. There the new “cadets” could explore the ship and learn more about the distant “federation”. Although there is still a lot of fighting and conflict between the characters, the real star of the second episode is the ship itself – what it looks like and what it is capable of doing. Although there is a plot – which I will not reveal in detail – it serves as a showcase for all the different features of this new prototype ship. As you can almost imagine Janeway as a car salesman, its hood slapped Protostar And saying “This baby’s warp core can travel to many planets.”

Star Trek has always been a humanitarian franchise, dedicated to exploring social themes and dilemmas. It has a tendency to adopt technology and “post-utopia”. Prodigy Going against the grain by showing from the beginning how technology can change lives.

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