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The Protostar Flies away.
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Upstairs All Star Trek We’ll have to wait soon, We are getting in the form of a whole new show Animated series Great On the immediate horizon. And while we wait for something more significant to pass We got that teaser at Comic-Con this summer, We now have a glimpse of its titles to start the time.

Released as part of it GreatAttendance at the Television Critics Association Summer Conference, the headlines have a new original theme scored by composer Michael Giachino, who Frankly Ridiculous List Of Credit Across film and TV, of course, Kelvin made three timeline movies: Star Trek, In the dark, And Even after that. GreatIn its content, such a bomb must have been known and brought to Giaccino Trek In themes like “Enthusiastic young man, And it’s got a growing up, you want to come out of one Star Trek Original music. See the order below-Or here, if you live outside the United States.

It matched the excellent scene, which tracked the series’ seed ship track experimental Starfleet ship USS Protostar, Since it zooms in on everything from beautiful spatial inconsistencies, planets and debris fields that actually form parts GreatCast young foreign heroes. And then the big holographic Zenway face! It’s so nice to see him again, just as the title sequence is there This is a guide for the next generation of Starfleet explorers. The Protostar There are even some Voyager Parallel from a design perspective, albeit with a twist: though Zenway’s iconic ship will make its nestles more classic. “Enterprise ” Shapes go at warp speeds, it looks like Protostar Puts it down to something similar VoyagerIts standard design. A sweet little touch to tie the two series together more.

Star Trek: Awesome Will hit Paramount + later this year. There is no doubt that we will learn more about the series next Wednesday, September 8th As part of CBS’s celebration Star TrekIts 55th anniversary.

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