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The USS Prostoser employs a third Nassel in a sequence from the beginning of the series.

Come on! Wait, the mistake is new Star Trek Display
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The first stage of it Star Trek: ProdigyIts launch A close has come, as the series makes way for its arrival DiscoveryIts fourth season With a short break after just five episodes. But ProdigyIts debut has temporarily ended at a considerable height, in both cases what it wants from its young heroes and what it wants. Outside of his vast universe.

Star Trek: Prodigy Finally Brought Together Its Crew, and Gave Itself a Hell of a Boost

It’s time to premiere Prodigy Young Dal (Brett Gray), Rock-Tahak (Riley Alazaraki), Jankom Pogg (Jason Montzaucas) and Zero (Angus Imri) are seen escaping from their prisons at the mining facilities of Tars Lamora. Much of this first set of episodes sees them trying to escape a completely different world: an M-class planet that kids discover while trying not to suck into stars. How not to commit suicide Running an experimental Starfleet cruiser they know nothing about. As far as a “cadets first away mission” could possibly go, that’s a good indicator Prodigy You know what power is Star Trek, Because things go wrong right away. Dal runs alone, causing the team to immediately break up; The planet appears to be covered with semi-sensitive and hallucinogenic vines that show victims the reality of their own desires while feeding; And the hologram has been left to look after the Zenway (Kate Mulgrew) ship and it is now very lonely এবং and eager to escape বন্দ captive, Guin (Ella Purnell).

Star Trek: Prodigy Finally Brought Together Its Crew, and Gave Itself a Hell of a Boost

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It is, of course, a classic Star Trek The story of the power of unity overcoming divisions. One by one we can briefly question what drives each of these young men – his identity and the insecurity of Dal towards his long-lost parents, Rock-Tahak’s desire to be part of a group and who he loves for him, Zero’s curiosity, publicity. .. Love of food and desire not to be killed on the planet of murder? Which, you know, is fair, but not as emotional as the rest of the team. To deal with these aspirations and to realize that the salvos given to them by this hostile world are nothing but illusions, teens come together in a way that feels less like their rag-tagged mob that flew away from Tarsus Lamora and a bit more Starfleet hero Janeway they already be. Wants.

This is an arc that applies equally to Guinea, who has spent a lot Prodigy As a reluctant participant — first a loyal agent of his evil father Divine (John Noble), then our hero’s captive bargaining chip, and something like a free agent for a moment when he uses Murder Planet’s mayhem (name pending, but it’s a good one , Such as Jankom professes) try and seize Protostar Turn in for his father and among his reluctant allies. However, it will not be long before Guinne learns the same lesson from the rest of him Prodigy There are co-stars, Forcing both to work with them to survive on a life-sucking vine-filled planet And When he is confronted with the harsh lesson that his father prioritizes safety Protostar For your own safety. Abandoned by his family, Gwyn finds herself embracing a new one, and in the end, our crew is exhausted, and their first distant mission has not eaten deadly plants. Hujjah!

Star Trek: Prodigy Finally Brought Together Its Crew, and Gave Itself a Hell of a Boost

Pictures: Paramount +

But that’s not all there is to a touching family story Prodigy It was offered up as it goes on break. The climax of today’s episode, “Terror Nova,“Looking Protostar The crew, now fully integrated with Goin, unlocks some of the most amazing things about the ship and escapes the Divine again: Protostar It is named because Starfleet Engineering has literally placed one at the heart of a spaceship, a secondary test engine above its warp drive. Even Warp Speed, working as a boost on the channelDrives the power of a newborn star Protostar Not only beyond Divine Grip, but Distance unknown.

Modern Star Trek Loves yourself a dangerous prototype engine, doesn’t it? It’s an interesting twist, for sure, and one that will undoubtedly be tough Trek Fans either complain or celebrate that none of the Beyond-Warp motions have been launched ProdigyIts stars In the primitive lizard. But whatever Prodigy Planned with Its game-changing engine has a lot to offer about a show with many connections Star Trek: Voyager One of its biggest twists is that Starfleet built a ship to help avoid the key Janeway and his crew went through All those years ago in the Delta Quadrangle… and then put a hologram of it in it so he can see it work in some weird way.

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