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Bad batches exchange one battle for another.

Bad batch One war is the exchange for another war.
Fig: Lucasfilm

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After the last decade and seven seasons Brings us to the end Of Star Wars Clone Wars. But it also introduces us to its spiritual successor in the form of impossible clone heroes Bad batch. Now, they have their own Disney + animated series and are leaving Clone Wars Back then, the group was trading moral intrigue for a completely different kind of conflict.

Totally over Clone Wars, Star wars Fans Got to see A perpetually mature adoption On the title conflict. It has become more than just Jenny and Clone heroes against “Tennis” and “Clankars”;Their trauma has endured conflict and dug deep People Behind the simplest headlines of good and bad. This is the mature lens that we launch in the war Bad batchIts over-the-top premiere, “After After”, recognizes that the final moments of the Clone Wars are upon you and places itself at this stage, and in the context of relevant history, we are once again invited to reflect on the moral roots of this conflict and those people. Initially, of course, these guys are “Bad Batch,” aka Clone Force 99 – Hunter, Wrecker, Tech and Croshier, joined by the newly hired Echo (voiced through all the returns). Clone Wars Brave D. Bradley Baker).


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Brief introduction In the opening Of Clone Wars‘As the seventh season An elite party Rare “extended errors”, in one premiere of the season we can’t establish much beyond the archeology of the character introduced there. Hunter is a classic leader in the mold of clones like Captain Rex before him; Wrecker is a big, fun-loving stimulus; Is tech Nardi is introverted on the truth and nothing else; Crosshairs are cool, collected, ever-serious killers. Echo. A rescued prisoner and earlier an RC trooper Clone WarsThe lowest detail of the unit, the grounding figure of the clone –Naturalness “ In contrast to the superior personality of the squad around him.

This means that when the infamous, explosive moment of Order the 66 comes and this time Star wars Saga, we’ve seen it enough times, through enough lenses, to say it’s not a spoiler – the heroes of “Next” react the way you want them to. There are a few surprises in those moments, no doubt about it Star wars Fans have sought to connect to the more elaborate paradigm of this climactic moment in the previous story but for the most part, there is not as much emotional resonance in the complexity of Order of 66 for our heroes, as said, Clone Wars‘The final arch. Part of it is that we don’t just know the characters but we did the stars of the show and that’s okay. But it is also the cause Bad batch It’s not Clone Wars, And the end result of Order 66 is not just a catalyst for a new beginning.


Fig: Lucasfilm

Bad batch There is a completely different dilemma for hanging oneself: the transformation of the republic into a galactic empire. This is what “consequences” mainly focus on. But Star warsThe conflict with the existence of the empire is very clear – you are either against the fascist totalitarian regime (by force or otherwise) or you are against it. So when there is a transition from a republic to an empire and our individual heroes have to make that choice, there is not much room for this benefit. Clone Wars Prikel explores his own views of the Great War as it matures over the years. Choices are made, people become agents of the empire or are dissatisfied with its oppressive detention and we have run into a few blaster battles and brave escapes along the way. It’s all done in the gorgeous style we’ve come to expect Clone Wars‘The next seasons though aren’t dramatically interesting, perhaps. But the way this rupture works for and against the empire can be clearly cut Bad batch This transitional period is the period of the “rise of the empire” – it establishes what it wants to be Star wars Already heavily covered Books, comics, And animation The franchise at the moment is Disney Stewardship.

Where “consequence” By Search One way to stand out from the other stories in his orbit is that even with that moral simplicity it’s not its most powerful and most interesting secret weapon: the Omega. Flashing in trailers Their connection to Omega and Bad Batch in the failure of the series quickly becomes the driver’s heart of what is happening in the series as our heroines decide where they stand in the case of the empire. There is some logic here MandolarianIts yellow Among them – almost Design-adorable young man Who prints images of some impossible, sometimes unintentional, parents. But precisely the dilemma between Omega and Batch is consistent with the relationship between Captain Rex and Ahsoka Tano Clone Wars, A family banner that is both sincere and light and a refreshing contrast to the deadlyness of the world around them. After all, what Star wars Unless the potential heroes and the story are relatively unnecessary The family they find On the way to their struggle?


Screenshot: Lucasfilm

Throwing omega into the squad’s personality mix immediately surprises for setting the stage for the otherwise known archeological type and premiere and gives a brief overview of the key Bad batch To be brought to the table as a series. It is, in fact, the name implies that the “consequence” is everything: a stage of cleansing, as we look at the other. The stage Bad batch Running in that direction could very well be Tradden Star wars In the meantime, however, the series quickly shows us that it knows it, and in Omega it brings enough interesting hooks that we are ready to see the rise of the empire through new eyes again.

It remains to be seen how those eyes will be refreshed as the series progresses, but for now, there’s plenty of promise here. Star Wars: The BatchOf The premiere episode is now streaming on Disney +.

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