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An image of two JD masters wearing costumes and holding their sabas from the cover of the midnight horizon.

A crop of Star Wars cover: Upper Republic: Midnight Horizon
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When Star wars Fans think of Correlia, They think of Han Solo. They think of Kira. Maybe they think so Run the Millennium Falcon there For Hondo Onakar. What they don’t think is JD wandering the streets, but that’s going to change Star Wars: The High Republic: Midnight Horizon By Daniel Jose Older এবং and we looked inside once.

Set a few centuries before Han was alone, Midnight Horizon A YA novel that tells a story High Republic Star wars Timeline. It started on February 1 and was followed by two JD masters, Kohmak Vitas and Kantam C and their Padawan, Reth Silas and Ram Jomaram, who were sent to Correlia to investigate the attack on the evil Nihil. AThis ll The incident happened at about the same time Claudia Gray’s The Fall Star. Of course, as the tendency to do PadawansThey leave on their own and that’s where this exclusive quote comes from.

“One of the funniest parts of it all Midnight Horizon A chaotic, joyful, sometimes dangerous friendship between the JD and their allies, “Older told io9 via email. “In this scene, we see Ram and Reth Correa learning the middle ground with a new friend they’re not sure if they can trust. You can probably tell, I had a lot of fun writing it. “

Oh, thereYou certainly can Tell met‘A section filled with fun, fun Star wars Chat, as well Familiar animals, caughtPhrases, And check it out below for more covers.

Image from the article titled JD Padawans Xplore Correlia in an Exclusive Star Wars: The High Republic Excerpt

Pictures: Lucasfilm / Disney

“All right, wait.” Crash raised his hand as they approached the turnoff led by two distraught municipal officers guarding the shipyard entrance. The boys stopped at their tracks and looked around cautiously. At least they knew enough to keep an eye on suffering; That was something. And they seemed to be intelligent boys with good hearts overall. Another question was whether they had any use in the jam, but only time will tell. He kept an eye on them. “Do we have a contract?”

Ram laughed. “Obso-“

“Ram,” Riath said. “Wait. We don’t agree to a deal we don’t fully understand.”

“It’s a wise thing to do,” Crash allowed.

“The deal is: you take us to that famous, impossible-to-go shipyard to see Ram die, and we. . “Reath is ready to go in a circle with his hands.

“Pretend to be my minion so we can solve the disappearance of my fry-workers.”

“And whether Nihil is responsible,” Ram added. “Our interests are actually aligned, basically.”

“If we help you,” Riath said, “it means you’re ahead of us. We’re sharing information. Remember, we just met with you.”

“And yet you find me strangely charming and reliable?” Crash suggested.

“I do,” Ram admitted.

“It’s next to the point,” Reth said. “But yes.”

“Yeah, we have a deal, or yes, you find me charming and reliable?”

Ram and Riath do business at a glance. Then the older boy narrowed his eyes. “Yeah, I think you’re charming. Reliable looks are left.” He put out his hand. “And yes, we have a deal.”

“Magician!” Ram screamed, once pumping his fist. Crash stared at him. “I’m going to realize that this is a good thing.” He left one credit in Reth’s hand and another in Ram’s. “So here it is. Let’s do it!”

Squinted towards Ram as if it could jump and bite him. “What is it?”

“Money,” said Crash. “To buy things.”

“I know it!” Ram shouted. “But I mean -“

“You can’t pay us,” Riyadh told him, returning the credit. “We are JD. That would be. . . Strange. “

The crash was already heading towards the corner. “It’s a credit. Give it away, I care for all. But if you work for me, even pretending to work for me, you have to be paid. For clarity, if nothing else. “He pulled out his Kamalink.” Ten-kait? “

“Here, Master Crash.”

“Make a note in the file that we have two new employees, please. Just keep looking into their eyes – “Starlight A and Starlight B Fee: one credit each.”


He rounded the corner and immediately let out a low moan.

“What is it?” Ram asked when he and Riath fell beside him.

The two guards, a Gamorian and a bored-looking man, were in municipal police uniforms, but none of the people he knew. Of course they weren’t. Most of the recent hires were brought in specifically to protect the Santhe shipyards, and what Crash heard was a bunch of random incidents that no one, not even the low-life and down-street thugs knew.

“Things can never be as simple as that,” he said. He hoped that one thing could be easier once. But no. “It doesn’t matter. Come on.”

“Good luck, nice pig!” The Gamorian crash happened when the first guard approached them, already looking for a fight.

He reveals a string of oaths that they certainly did not teach in Gamorian’s intro. Fortunately, he learned on the shipyard’s average street, so he kindly answered, with a more colorful epic of the man’s grandparents, horrible things about ancestors, how he got up from the Ranker Pudu pile, and how all his nieces and nephews’ fetuses were reproduced. A beautiful language, really.

For a moment, the guard stared at her with his small eyes.

“Uh,” Riath said calmly. The kid was probably reaching for his lightsaber, just in case.

Then the guard let out a huge, awful gag and ran to hug Crash. It was one of her least pleasurable hugs, but it was better than splitting her face in two by her huge bayonet. He throws a sweaty hand over his shoulder and moves forward to lead him and the others to the gate, wanting to know how he came to speak so colorful in Gamorian language and how he knows so much about his family.

“Hold it,” the human guard demanded, holding one hand up and still looking as if he couldn’t be bothered to stand up. “Borgar, are you making friends? No one gets inside. Period. Not even the JD. “

The man had a large blaster rifle on his shoulder, which he had. . . Unusual for a Muni. Crash made a small emotional note about it and then started working. “My friends are coming from out of town, sir, to take medicine, you see — they come from a very small planet with no resources, and I promised their beloved dead mother that I would show them the famous shipyard of Coronet. City before they get back to her bed!

“It’s true,” Ram said awkwardly. Although it was a good effort; At least he was willing to play along.

“It’s not my problem,” said the guard. “Their problem.”

Borgar let out a crash and entered another guard’s private space, sniffing and screaming.

“I’m not talking about pigs!” The man screamed, before his jaw was broken by the hard left hook. He hurried down, and Borgar took him to the guard house to work.

“Thanks, nice pig!” Crash yells at Gamorian, gesturing to the boys to follow him into the yard. “Your grandfather is an absolute garbage bag!”

Borgar barks a cheerful curse-out to the north and then starts his business.

“When you said you wanted to take us anywhere in Correa, we wanted to go,” Riyadh said, looking at her as they made it some way and laughed behind a warehouse, “I thought you meant you were behind.” Were the scenes cut off or something else! It’s not like you’re going to attack some helpless Gamorian for his work friend.

The crash almost reached Reath’s chin on his tiptoe and grabbed a finger. “He was rarely helpless.” Then another. “It was obviously not his friend.” Then the third. “And I never said how we would get in, for some reason I didn’t know. It depends on where you want to go and who was at the door that day. All right? “

“I thought it was pretty magical,” Ram said, standing between them but at a safe distance. “Personally.”

“What happened to your plans to stay ahead of us?” Reith demanded.

“It’s called improvising. I can’t stay up-to-date with you until there are plans I don’t know about Next time I will ask the giant War Hog to hold on for a while while I explain to our partners how we are going to confuse him. Calm down? “


“And anyway, who’s the cheater, the mighty Jedi Knights?”

It stopped with a smirk on Riatha’s face, just as it should have been. Crash kept his smile inside এটা there was no point in rubbing it.

“Oh, yeah, that was bad for me,” Ram said.

Reath pivoted, but it’s too late. “We’re technically the JD of Starlight Beacon, which you asked for.”

“Ah hah. Except a lie is still a lie, the last I heard,” Crash counters.

“How do you know?” Riyadh muttered and asked.

Crash his head to one side, eyes wide. “How did I know that the JD Council, in their infinite intelligence, did not send two stupid kids to investigate the possible penetration of the Nihil Riders into the deeper galactic core, themselves?”

“Fool?” Ram complained.

“Okay, I’ve got that part back,” Crash allowed. “The point remains. Also, I saw the other two JDs leave before I got inside, and they were obviously bigger than the two of you. And they didn’t have the nice little plates you wear. “

Ram pulled out the braid from his footpath from where he pulled it to his hut and held it in front of his face. “You think they’re beautiful?”

“You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?”

“It’s not a cont!” Crash insisted. “I told you what I’ve been doing all this time!” He shook his head. “I have to tell Savino that being up-front with people is not the answer.”

“Who doesn’t?” Ram asked.

“She’s a great singer,” Reith told him, not particularly impressed. “And the crash here is definitely name-dropping.”

“He’s the greatest musician that Galaxy never knows,” Crash said “And if my friends are big, I can’t help it. She has a royal pain in my ass. The point is: we’re equal, right? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either. It’s tiring. I put a very small, select group of them in my inner circle and they all get paid. And anyway: adults come up with a lot of rules. Can you honestly imagine Master Sorley Ponytail and Master MuttonChops rolling with us in that last little stunt? ”

“Master MuttonChops!” Ram screamed, covered his face and gasped.

Seeing Rith, she seemed to be doing everything in her power to keep it from cracking. Crash decides she likes him, even if he’s a little stuck in her way. And Ram was obviously the greatest child in the galaxy; He just has to work a little harder with his acting skills.

All things considered, he ended up with a nice set of potential partners, he had to admit. “So,” he said, folding his arms across his chest. “We’re even. Ceasefire?”

Riath smiled from the corner of his mouth, still trying not to smile. Shook his head. “Ceasefire.”

“Now let’s go see these starships!” Ram yelled, already running away.

Star Wars: The High Republic: Midnight Horizon February 1 is out, and available To pre-order here.

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