Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Stardew Valley Creator Eric Baron, aka “ConcernedApp”, has made an amazing unveiling of his next game, Spooky chocolate. It has the same pixelated SNES look Stardew, Including characters, set-pieces and themes that are equally clever and weird.

“In this game, you’ll play as a haunted chocolate dweller. To improve on your new role, you’ll need to collect rare ingredients, make delicious chocolates and sell them to a chocolate shop,” according to the baron. Blog New website. The video shows the characters coming out to find elements and resist animals in a city, castle, a mountain and other situations.

This is Baron’s first game since then Stardew Valley Launched in 2016, but so far it’s not much more than a demo. Baron has not yet finalized the gameplay systems, and has stated that he “does not want to be tied to any specific ideas about what the game is” before launch.

Spooky chocolate Sounds great and sounds a lot better Stardew First take. However, in one of the most frequently asked questions, Baron said there would be some significant differences, especially when it comes to gameplay.

Like Stardew Valley, Spooky chocolate Another “city game”, where you move to a new city and try your hand at a new way of life. You will get to know the people of the city, achieve your goals and make progress in different ways. That’s all similar Stardew Valley. However, the original gameplay and theming are quite different. Spooky chocolate More than an action-RPG Stardew Valley. And instead of a farm being the focus of your efforts, it’s a chocolate shop.

The baron will not disclose other details, such as whether the new title is set in the same world Stardew, Not a release date or even a general deadline. He said it would only be a single player, with no plans for a multiplayer. The game will come “100 percent” on PC, although it “has every intention of bringing it to other major platforms.”

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