Steeleseries Competition 5 is a tough jack-of-all-trades gaming mouse

With so many of us stuck at home last year, the line between working and playing with us has become increasingly blurred. Overwatch, Jenshin effect And Between us Sessions often occupy the same space as our zoom meetings. As players spread across a variety of genres, a particular gaming mouse won’t always cut it, especially when you may need to switch to PowerPoint at the pinch. That effect Steel series Introducing a new multi-genre gaming mouse, the 60 Rivals 5.

The name suggests that this new gaming mouse is one step above ড 30 Rival d, But it has a lot more in common with the more advanced $ 80 of the SteepSeries and the Rival 5. Rival 600 For the mouse one, there are LED lights that can be customized using the Steelsaris engine or GG software. The right hand competitor has 9 buttons on the 5, five on the left panel where your thumb will rest. It has a simple back and forward control that you’ll find in most rats, a small bar on top of these that can be toggled on the front (the company counts it as two buttons) and a silver button in the front corner.

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Continuing the recent trend of making steel series super light rats, the Reval 5 weighs only 85 grams. How does it feel in practice? I was using this new peripheral test before Airx3 Wireless – You know Holes in it – And I’ve just noticed a change. The significance seems trivial when I compare it with both hands. If you find such a light-weight mouse too much Skytish, you can always adjust the sensitivity to fly up to 18,000 CPI. Rival 5 also includes tilt tracking, so if you fit it angrily on your desk, you usually hold your cursor until you calm down.

It’s a tough-feeling mouse in the game, with a plastic matte finish that is easy to clean. Even without you gaming, return the thumb toggle with fun. The angled silver button looks great, but it’s a bit stretched for my little hand, so I don’t think I’ll use it too much. But if you have a big thumb, you will get a natural fit.

Competition 5's side, with five buttons

Chris Noudas / Engadget

You need to download the software to customize the illumination or button configuration – the SteelSeries engine still works for both Windows and Mac, but the company has a new (and still is) Windows-exclusive GG, which includes engines and moments for sharing a tool and Communicating with friends.

When MMO players want to stay with something More buttons, Everyone should find a system of satisfaction for their needs in the competitor 5. Only if it was a baby small could I hit that silver nail in the front.

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