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Stephen McKinley Henderson as Dune Thuffy Hawat, with his eyes rolling to the back of his head.

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Hill The so-called Messiah Paul Atreudes from Timothy Chalamette and Rebecca Ferguson As her mother Jessica Jason Momoa Like the beloved warrior Duncan Idaho. But some of the movie stars shouted “Oh, that guy!” The power of character actor Stephen McKinley Henderson. As Thuffy’s Hawat, Henderson’s Computer Man is not the most adorable role in the movie House Atreides, but it doesn’t stop people from looking at his character … and the beautiful parachute he plays while walking around the desert, Arakis.

Henderson has been an actor for decades, but in an interview The vulture, He admits he never thought he would be “in a movie of this height”. It was only recently that he really began to think about how his journey as a film and TV actor had changed, which he partly blamed for listing Vulture as one of the best. Character actor Working today. What’s more, he didn’t read the original Frank Herbert novel; A friend would occasionally quote passages from books because of Henderson’s interest in theology and philosophy. Director Dennis Villeneuve is looking for him specifically to star in the novel. “It has become one of my favorite books,” he said, realizing the hype surrounding it.

The whole interview is good, and Henderson is seen as a sweet guy when he calls the author after the interview to talk about his role in Halle Berry’s upcoming MMA movie, Wounded. Originally from theater work, Henderson presented an interesting perspective on the larger world of life. Hill. Calling it “Shakespearean”, he pointed out how everything depends on Paul. “It’s not that they know what a Messianic journey he’s on – he’s just the Crown Prince of House Atreides who will one day be king … Lynchpin Hall Paul’s future is important for this great Dennis movie.”

When it comes to playing the role of Thufi in the film and a Lots In sci-fi jargon, Henderson focused on the character’s sympathy, as seen when he offered to resign after a failed attempt to assassinate Paul. That’s where the parasol came from: While shooting on a hot day in Budapest, Henderson was offered a parasol to protect him while he was sitting. When Villeneuve takes notice, they quickly agree that Thuffier will have a parasol. “It simply came to our notice then. Henderson said a parasol is rather “civilized” for its character.. “It says so much about exactly where he is at the moment and how he is taking care of himself. He was once a young man. ”

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