Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Steve Wozniak has started a company called Private Space. Apple co-founder announced a private space agency late Sunday night. Unfortunately, other than that Promise that his company will be “not like the others,Uz did not elaborate on the initiative.

A teaser privately published on YouTube mentions that the startup was co-founded by former Apple engineer Alex Fielding. Wozniak and Fielding have collaborated frequently over the years. In 2002, they co-founded a company called Wheels of Zeus (WoZ), which worked on GPS smart tags. Wozniak later sat on the board of directors of the Ripcord Network, following the establishment of the robotics startup fielding Wheel of Zeus. .

On him , The private says it will be shared further in the coming time In Maui, Hawaii, which is scheduled to begin on September 14. What is clear is that Woz and the company are about to enter a highly competitive market influenced by billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. This is not an easy place to succeed.

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