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Old Man Logan, in the future, is staring with light interest, screaming like a baby Hulk on his back.

Its cover Wasteland: Wolverine # 1.
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Although his tenure as show-runner Netflix’s Brave After the end of the first season of the show, Pacific Ocean: Rebellion And Jupiter’s legacy Writer-director Steven S. Marvel has continued its working relationship with the larger Marvel universe. He jumped into comics where he wrote stories in books King-size Canaan And Wolverine: Black, white and blood. But since he recently learned about the old pseudonym use of Marvel editor-in-chief CB Sebulsky, he is taking a position.

I have to give DKWow at nightShots Recently announced As a new writer Wasteland: Wolverine Things seem to be in the series, along with artist Ibrahim Mostafa, and Marvel Comics Capacetic All this changed last Sunday, however, as DKThe current Marvel editor-in-chief, CB Sebulski, who is white, took to his Twitter account last night to express his frustration. “Akira takes the identity of Yoshida”Fiction to write Marvel comics is a fictional Japanese man while working as an assistant editor to a publisher (a practice that was banned at least at the time). De Knight wrote in part, “I had no idea. I love writing for Marvel Comics, but it changes the equation. Extremely. There are a lot of great editors out there. It is unreasonable to allow a person who has risen to the top through cultural identity theft to remain in that position. ”

In addition to expressing his dissatisfaction with Sebulsky’s actions in the past, Dicknight expressed a desire to no longer work with Marvel on moral grounds, and it is unclear what effect his decision will have on his upcoming series. io9 reached out to representatives of Marvel and D Knight but was no longer heard until the time of publication.

Between Sebulski’s adoption of a racial identity outside of himself and his subsequent promotion to a prominent position within Marvel, the whole situation was an embarrassing stain on the company’s history. And it speaks to sorting Casual racism The major comics publishers want to say they have no place. News of Sebulsky writing as Akira Yoshida The first broke up in 2017, The subject is often revived on social media. Dicknight claims that he recently heard about it and explained that the problem has more to do with what went into the person’s creation, which was much more than a common pseudonym.

Before coming to EosidHa was not a real person, Sebulsky went so far Give character interviewsWhere “Yoshida” describes learning English with the help of American comic books while growing up in her native Japan. BleedingCool even reports That’s when other Marvel executives acted and insisted that the man was real. D Knight Wrote“It was not just a pseudonym. He has created a wide alternative identity, going so far as to interview this other person (I’m holding on to the phone).

Deknite may sympathize with Sebulsky’s fondness for Japanese culture, but he noted why the same fondness is why Sebulsky’s history of masking himself as a Japanese man is a subject he has taken up. “I understand that he has a truly deep love for the people and culture of Japan. I taught ESL at a Japanese school in Los Angeles about seven years ago before I entered BJ. I feel the same way about people and culture, ”he wrote. “Which is one of many, for many reasons I will never disrespect them by pretending not to be something like that.”

The line between admiration and fetishism of foreign people and their culture is something that the comic book community as a whole often needs a thorough reminder and comic book publishers can take many steps to address these issues. One is to hire more creators of color to work on books, and the other is to significantly increase the diversity of staff, editorial leadership within the company. It is difficult to see such steps as half-measure Events

“It simply came to our notice then. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life. And the Lord knows I’m sick of not continuing my work with my wonderful editor at Marvel. But if I learned anything from reading Marvel Comics as a child … ” DeKnight wrote. “It’s that sometimes you have to take a position for what’s right. No matter how much it hurts. “

Wasteland: Wolverine # 1 The store is set to hit Dec. 1.

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