Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

The social fitness network Strava has created one of the most useful safety features for its users. Starting today, anyone – not just those with whom Subscription – You can use the app Beacon features To share their location with friends and family members.

To enable the feature, tap the “You” tab at the bottom of the main interface and then the cog icon that appears near the top right corner. Once you’re in the settings menu, scroll down until you see the relevant section and turn on the feature. With Beacon, you can share your location with up to three people. When you add a list of security contacts to the app, Strava will automatically notify those people when you start recording an activity. Another option is to manually send a beacon link to a friend or family if you don’t want to flood them with notifications to go around every time.

As a free user, you may not use the Beacon functionality through a connected device like a Wahoo Bike computer or . Strava says it’s something you’ll still need a subscription to access “because of the added complexity of supporting that integration.” Another thing to keep in mind is that the software will only share your location as long as you are recording an activity. Either way, building a safety device like Beacon in most cases is a good move for Stravar, especially after the company has moved something. Behind a subscription.

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