Sun. May 29th, 2022

We delve into two messes the government has got itself into, over the tax affairs of Rishi Sunak’s wife and the long-awaited energy white security paper.

Will the chancellor’s spouse be forced to give up her non-dom status? And why did Boris Johnson shy away from tough new targets for onshore wind farms? Associate editor and columnist Stephen Bush and energy correspondent Nathalie Thomas will dissect these along with our.

Plus, we look at the decision to privatize Channel 4 – which culture secretary Nadine Dorries wrongly claimed receives public sector money.

We’ll be exploring what it tells us about the government’s so-called culture wars and whether it is about ideology or pragmatism. Media editor Alex Barker will discuss with our assistant editor Janine Gibson.

Produced by Anna Dedhar and Howie Shannon. The sound engineers were Breen Turner and Jan Sigsworth.

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Audio: BBC / Sky

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