Sundar Pichai has unveiled plans for Google’s new ‘hybrid’ workplace

Some Google employees are voluntarily returning to the company’s offices Last month, CEO Sundar Pichai says the technology giant will adopt a new one Hybrid Work Week. A in the extension of a The pilot started that December, Most employees will spend about three days working outside the office and the other two “wherever they work best”. How that division will work in practice will depend on the product focus of a worker and the team they are a part of.

Additionally, Google will offer more opportunities in the vicinity of employees. By mid-June, it will introduce a process that will allow workers to work from separate offices. What’s more, all employees will have the opportunity to work four weeks away from their assigned office temporarily. Google plans to develop a more remote role and even integrate teams of people who are not all in one place. The company will allow employees to apply for remote work within their product field. When it comes to working from a different office and taking on remote roles, the company says it will consider the needs of the team of employees.

“Whether you choose to move to another office or choose a completely remote job, your compensation will be adjusted according to your new location,” Pichai said of the policy. With the above changes, the executive estimates that about 60 percent of the company’s employees will work a few days per week. Twenty percent will work from home, and another 20 percent will end up in new office space.

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