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Jonathan Kent, in his Superman costume (left), shares a kiss with his new boyfriend, pink haired Jay Nakamura.

Jonathan Kent, love for Superman is in the air.
Pictures: John Teams / DC Comics

In the DC Universe, this is a good time to become an important ward / next generation legacy superhero mantle. And Get a date, apparently.

Published in IGN This morning, DC Comics announced that Jonathan Kent will be meeting with J. Nakamura, a hacker friend, and Lewis Lane fanboy readers have seen John stay close to the page. Superman: Kal-L’s son. For those unfamiliar, John is the son of Clark and Lewis, a former superboy and Now Currently after the real Superman of DC Universe Its events The state of the future. When Clark was out of the world, John has been Serving the world as a Steel Man, even at a young age. She has really survived day by day, but now at least she has to trust someone by her side.

“We are very different and much more welcome than we are today 10, Or even five years ago, ” Son of Kal-il Writer Tom Taylor told IGN about John’s decision to make him bisexual now. “When I was asked if I wanted to write a new Superman with the new # 1 for DC Universe, I knew that replacing Clark with another straight white savior could be a real opportunity. I always said everyone needs a hero and everyone has their own. Worth to see in Heroes Today, the most powerful superhero in the world, Superman, is coming out.

Following John’s recent wave of outings, Tim Drake:Former Robin and current Red RobinIts pages also came out as bisexual in August Batman: Urban Legends. He is the latest in a line of several legacy DC characters to emerge as members of the LGBTQ + community in recent years. While it’s important for publishers like DC to make a path with the newly created variety of characters, being able to include familiar characters in such stories – and acknowledging that coming out is a universally humorous experience that happens at any and all ages, and it’s something Occurs more than once in a person’s life – the stories lay an important foundation for coming. And although Joan has now embraced the Superman and Superboy mantles of her time, one of the most iconic characters in DC Comics outside of her role as the hero is now a big moment for a queer member of their family.

“It’s great to work with John Kent as Superman.” Son of Kal-il Artist John Timms told IGN. “As we have seen John grow up before our eyes, it would be interesting to try to find him not only as a person but also as a global superhero in the complex environment of modern life. On the other hand, I hope such things will not be seen as a big deal in the future. “You can imagine how it could pan in the future when the world’s most powerful man is part of the LGBT community. There is so much on the horizon and beyond.”

Superman: Kal-L’s son # 5, including John and Jay’s first kiss, will be on the shelves and will be released digitally on November 9th.

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