Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Two "Plants" This photo from the animated short bad seeds features a T-Rex head, a small top hat and a bird and frog face.

Set up for Claude Cloutier’s animated shorts Bad seeds Very simple: two hungry Carnivorous plants Run a turf battle On the fly Which enters their shared airspace. But the death penalty-a Surreal Fantastic drawing series that changes as the battle heats up – it’s just brilliant (and often hilarious). Look at this!

From the hat-tip The week is short To share Bad seeds, As well as our instructions This Sqwigly interview With Clutier where he explains a bit about his process: “The film is all about drawing with Indian ink and brushes. They were digitized and colored by computers, “the filmmaker told the site. “As a painter, I like to explore different styles and techniques, but I especially like line art … This style is reminiscent of Aqua Fortis engraving, or pen-and-ink drawing in books or 19th century newspapers. Gustav Dore and John Tenniel, the most famous painters Alice in Wonderland’s Adventure Tourism, Major impact on my work. I decided this kind of drawing for Bad seeds Because it evokes the first printed version of fiction and classic fairy tales. My challenge with this film was to combine the intricacies of carving-style drawing – which, by definition, allows static-movement animation. “

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