Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

TAG Heuer was virtually certain to follow up its Connected Caliber E4 smartwatch with a version for golf enthusiasts, and it’s now clear you didn’t have to wait long. The watchmaker has introduced a Caliber E4 Golf Edition that melds the updated wristwear with some matching upgrades to your experience on the fairway. Most notably, the brand has overhauled the on-watch map interface to show more of the course and your game, including the distances for the target and tracking shot.

You can also expect automatic shot tracking when you swing at the tee – the feature will eventually come to the Apple Watch app, but it’s worth noting if you’re determined to perfect your drive. If you pair with an iPhone, you can also use TAG Heuer’s iOS app to share 3D videos of your best shots. Like you’d expect, the Golf Edition E4 has its share of game-inspired faces and a strap that not-so-subtly mimics the dimples on your ball.

This is otherwise the titanium 45mm Caliber E4 introduced in February, although that’s plenty if you want a reasonably current Wear OS watch. You’ll find a Snapdragon Wear 4100+ chip that promises both faster performance and 30 percent more battery life than previous models. An altimeter will help with your hiking trips, and the brighter screen will help on sunny golfing days. TAG Heuer should upgrade the watch to Wear OS 3 when it’s available.

The Connected Caliber E4 Golf Edition will be available this month for 2,650 with three Titleist balls and a spare marker in the box. That’s more than the regular titanium E4 ($ 2,550) and well above the $ 1,800 ‘entry’ price for the watch range. But let’s be honest: if you’re even considering a TAG Heuer smartwatch and already devote your weekends to golf, you can likely afford to pay the premium for this variant.

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