TCL’s $ 1,600 85-inch 4K TV is now available

Of TCL 8K 6-series TV Not here yet, but there are agencies Start selling Earlier this year the 85-inch XL Series 4K TV was announced. If size matters more than image quality, then the 4-Series TV is for you. It runs huge, Roku OS, has 4K and HDR support, all at 1, 1,600. There may be better TVs with better features but they won’t be bigger or cheaper and you can find them now Amazon Or Good shopping.

Buy TCL 85S435 on Amazon – $ 1,599.99
Best Buy TCL 85S 435 Buy – 5 1,599.99


If you don’t want to compromise too much, the 7-Series 85R745 is the one for you. It also measured 85 stages diagonally with 4K resolution and HDR, but added 192 dimming zones, better color and quantum dot technology for better control of backlighting and TCL’s IPQ processing. It includes Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos audio as well as refresh rates up to 120Hz with support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Which is one of my favorite features for new consoles and video cards.

It combines all these features and has a higher XL series, so it costs a bit more. Amazon And Best Buy both will now start shipping with 85R745 listings, available at the end of the month, for 000 3,000.

Buy TCL 85R745 on Amazon – $ 2,999.99
Best Buy TCL 85R745 – $ 2,999.99

If you have any reason to wait outside of the cost or “How do I fit this thing in my house?” Then you should know that TCLO plans to release an 8K 85 inch XL series TV with new OD Zero mini-LED technology and it may be suitable for additional resolution on such a screen. The only question is how long you have to wait and how much it can cost.

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