Tech giants want to fund American domestic chip production

American technology companies (not to mention) Car manufacturers) Is The pinch felt The chip crisis, and they are banding together in hopes of bringing more production to the United States. The tech giants have a string Formed Semiconductors in the U.S. will raise land funding for the recently enacted Chips for America Act under U.S. law, which provides greenlit incentives for indigenous chip production and research but does not provide the necessary funding.

The alliance includes a mix of well-known technology brands such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft, as well as car companies such as AT&T and Verizon (Engadget’s parent company). For now). Companies that were already part of the Semiconductor Industry Association, such as AMD, Intel, Qualcomm and Samsung, are also part of the alliance.

The goal is simple: companies want enough U.S.-based production needed to create a “more resilient supply chain” and ensure the presence of technology if needed. SIAC opposes any short-term intervention because it believes it can fix supply and demand imbalances on its own.

The alliance has already Sending a letter House and Senate leaders called for “strong” funding for the Chips Act.

There is no guarantee that SIAC will succeed in getting the funds it wants. President Biden has asked for ৫০ 50 billion to fund the Chips Act, and the funding of the industry is less at risk of biased fighting than other issues. Suffice it to say that the right funding can be convertible – the United States now represents only 12 percent of the world’s chipmaking capacity, and new or expanded plant growth could both increase this percentage and reduce the country’s dependence on foreign-made ingredients.

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