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Panasonic has since rolled out all types of audio gear Reviving the Iconic Techniques brand In 2014 Real wireless earbuds And Headphones, And at CES 2022, the company has another portable device ready for launch. Along with the EAH-A800, Technics has created a pair of hi-fi-ready wireless headphones that claim active noise cancellation (ANC) and 50 hours of use on a single charge.

Technics says the over-the-year EAH-A800 packs are the result of the experience of making hi-fi audio gear in 40mm drivers. In addition to a new design and materials for that component, an acoustic control chamber manages air flow to assist the driver’s performance and alloy reaction. The company has also used capacitor technology from its high-performance amplifier to limit distortion and maintain sound quality. The EAH-A800 supports LDAC for high quality audio via Bluetooth in addition to the standard AAC standard.

Techniques / Panasonic

Technics promises to “eliminate industry-leading noise” through a dual hybrid setup. Feedback mic equipped with an analog filter and a feed forward mic equipped with a digital filter Unwanted noise inside and outside the monitor. The EAH-A800 also has a natural ambient and attention mode. The difference is that the latter makes it easier to hear the voice while the former is a setting of more universal clarity. Techniques also offers multi-point pairing, which allows you to connect two devices simultaneously via Bluetooth and easily switch between them.

The company is also making big promises in terms of call transparency. Using a total of eight microphones, the EAH-A800 employs four to pick your voice and four more to fight any environmental noise. Additionally, the technicians say that feed forward mics are designed and positioned to reduce wind noise.

Probably the most impressive claim of EAH-A800 is 50 hours battery life. Technics says that you can achieve this image with ANC by listening to AAC audio. If you’re listening through LDAC, the company says you can expect up to 40 hours of play time. Disable sound cancellation by increasing the sound codec and listening time by 10 hours So if you want to go without ANC or high quality audio, you can get 60 hours of use according to the techniques. What’s more, a 15-minute charge lets you use 10 hours (ANC on, AAC quality streaming).

The EAH-A800 is available in black and white for মাসে 350 (£ 299 / € 349) in February.

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