Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

If Tesla The last big full self-driving beta While it was about activating more semi-autonomous features off the highway, its new release focused more on helping you believe in those features. Electric Comments Tesla has started to launch a fully self-driving 10 beta, which is from the beginning Report, Appear to make smarter and more confident decisions from the highway. As Elon Musk, it doesn’t necessarily “blow your mind.” Claimed, But it seems to provide smooth turning, rounding and merging. A driver Found That it eventually moved on the twisted Lombard Street in San Francisco without the need for intervention.

There are also users To notice Improved visuals. You won’t always see as many figures as before, but they do seem to be more accurate and stable without shaking as much. You will have a better idea of ​​what the car is looking at and as a result will probably trust its decisions more.

Highway driving has not changed, but it is intentional. Musk said Production-level, “more polished” than the full self-driving equivalent at the moment on non-beta highways. You will not see a truly harmonious method until 10.1 is released.

It’s not clear when regular Tesla owners will see the FSD 10, but pre-release versions may be easier to use long ago. Musk Hope A universal option for requesting beta will be available with the release of 10.1 which may come in two weeks. Improvements will not necessarily justify it Steep prices For the FSD package, but you can be happier with the purchase যদি if you can just rely on driverless features.

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