Tesla has refunded customers who were charged twice for their customers

Strange stories of several Tesla buyers who paid for their cars using direct car transfers Only later to find out that they will be charged twice, Seems to be over. “Everyday Chris” Posted on the Tesla forum That he finally contacted someone with Tesla and was refunded for a 56,579 charge five working days after the problem started.

CNBC Several other new Tesla owners with similar problems have been in contact and have reportedly returned. Tesla did not publicly comment on the issue, but sent an email apologizing for the issue to those affected and giving a যোগ্য 200 usable coupon to the online shop for their merchandise or accessories. This is not a huge amount in exchange for $ 50k – – 70k for a week, the problems that buyers report CNBC This includes not being able to buy a new home, or withdrawing money from an expense account.

It’s not yet clear what went wrong with the allegations, but Chris mentioned in his recent video on the subject every day that people might use cashier’s checks to pay for their new Tesla (instead of AH transfers or bitcoin) to avoid this opportunity.


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