Tesla has ‘suspended’ Bitcoin car purchases citing environmental impact

Tesla just a few weeks later Start accepting bitcoins As for the car’s currency, Elon Musk revealed in a tweet that it would “suspend” the effort. The statement said (Tesla does not appear to have an effective press office), the company is “concerned about the rapid use of fossil fuels for bitcoin mining and transactions.”

Tesla went on to say that it would “not sell any bitcoin” (how much it has already sold) It is unclear who bought the 1.5 1.5 million coin earlier this year) And said it would use these holdings for mining transactions whenever it “converts to more sustainable energy”. It is still unclear why Tesla did not take these factors into account before announcing the use of Bitcoin, as they were already well known.

Without specifying a specific cryptocurrency, the company is looking at other options, saying that less than one percent of Bitcoin’s power is used in transactions, possibly using evidence of stack blockchain technology instead of proof of work. It will be canceled Dozecoin, Although it is unclear whether this policy will have an impact SpaceX has crypto plans.

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