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A lot Allows drivers to play a variety of games on the infotainment system while driving, . The company has launched an update in the summer that lets drivers play Solitaire, Jet fighter game Sky Force Reloaded And strategy titles Battle of Polytopia: Moonrise While on the road.

The touchscreen is asked to display a warning before a game Solitaire Begins “Solitaire It’s a game for everyone, but the game is for passengers only while driving, “the message reads Bar. This indicates that Tesla knows the game is worth playing while driving.

Although players must acknowledge that they are a passenger, the driver can play the game by tapping that button. Even if a passenger is playing something, it is possible for a driver to divert their attention to the screen to see what is happening.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration In 2019, 3,142 people were killed in accidents involving confused drivers in the United States. A 2017 survey suggests that many infotainment features absorb drivers’ attention for too long to stay safe. Researchers at the University of Utah When drivers use voice-based and touchscreen systems, they “take their hands, eyes and minds off the road for more than 24 seconds to complete tasks.”

Drivers should keep their hands on the steering wheel when a Tesla autopilot is hired, but a recent study suggests When the mode is active. In August, the NHTSA said it was Autopilot investigation Followed a number of crashes with parked first responder vehicles One was killed and at least 17 were injured.

Other automakers lock many touchscreens and infotainment features while the car is in motion. Stellantis (fka Fiat Chrysler), for example, allows drivers and passengers to view a DVD on the dashboard screen in some vehicles, albeit only when the car is parked. NHTSA Request automakers to ensure that cars with infotainment devices prevent drivers from doing “inherently confusing things while driving”.

There is Tesla In its infotainment system over the last few years. Until a few months ago, they were only eligible to play when the car was parked. The Bar Tesla and CEO Elon Musk did not respond to a request for comment – saying the company no longer had a PR department. Engadget contacted NHTSA for comment

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