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Tesla recalls 475,000 car cameras and images for the title due to front trunk problems

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Facing Tesla The second Withdrawal within several months as major US. The EV maker was forced to recall 356,309 Model 3 sedans and 119,009 Model S cars this week due to potentially dangerous performance issues with the car’s rearview camera and front hood. According to Two National Highway Traffic Safety Administration alert. Collectively, those 475,318 affected vehicles are equivalent to the total number of Tesla vehicles delivered to customers last year, Bloomberg Comments.

The NHTSA says the Model 3 car’s rearview camera harness can be damaged when users open and close the trunk, which may ultimately prevent drivers from being able to access their rearview camera image. The Model S issue already involves a miscellaneous latch in the front trunk which NHTSA says could prevent it from getting involved. When camera issues affect vehicles made between 2017-2020 Front trunk problems affect those formed between 2014-2021

Tesla did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment.

The year-end dual-withdrawal comes just a month later Other Withdrawal of the main Tesla and a Investigation Tesla’s Passenger Play feature by NHTSA that allows some drivers to play video games on the go. (Tesla Changed The effectiveness of Passenger Play to prevent drivers from playing games a few days after NHTSA opened its preliminary investigation). Earlier, Tesla found himself on the receiving end of another federal Investigation Its autopilot driver assistance feature after a first responder crashes with an emergency vehicle.

It’s worth noting that in the age of over-the-air software updates, not all withdrawals are necessarily made equally. In the analog past, a recall means drivers dragged thousands or thousands of vehicles off the road to a repair shop or local dealership. This is still needed for some problems, but increasingly, the technical errors and screw-up types associated with the rapidly evolving technology inside these vehicles can be solved more efficiently and easily remotely.

That’s what happened to Tesla earlier this year Issued A software error caused 11,704 vehicles to be recalled, resulting in unwanted automatic braking. This is still undoubtedly a potentially dangerous bug that needs to be removed, but Tesla was able to patch it with an app-like bug fix update.

That said, it’s not clear if the same strategy applies to recent pair recollections. In both the Model and Model S cases, the recall appears to involve physical parts of the Tesla vehicle that may actually require personal repair or replacement. The NHTSA declined to comment on how Tesla would deal with the withdrawal.

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