Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Tesla with latest FSD (“Complete self-driving“) Release, this is an accident or” in case of serious security risks the driver is asked to consent to allow the collection of video taken by external and internal camera of the vehicle. ” Electric Report

Tesla has previously collected video footage as part of FSD, but it was only used to train and improve its AI self-driving system. Under the new agreement, however, Tesla will now be able to attach video to certain vehicles. “By enabling FSD Beta, I agree to collect VIN-related image data from Tesla’s external camera and cabin camera in the event of a serious security risk or security incident such as a collision,” the agreement states.

By enabling FSD Beta, I agree to collect Tesla VIN-related image data from the car’s external camera and cabin camera in the event of a serious security risk or incident such as a collision.

As Electric Note, the language may indicate that Tesla wants to make sure it has evidence if its FSD system is to blame for the crash. It can probably be used to quickly identify and solve serious problems.

FSD 10.3 was released more widely than the previous Beatles, but it was Quickly pulled back Due to problems like unwanted forward collision alert, unexpected autobreaking and many more. At the time, CEO Elon Musk tweeted that such issues were “expected with beta software,” adding that “it is impossible to test all hardware configurations in all situations, including internal QA, so universal testing.”

However, other drivers on public roads are unknowingly beta testers. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Currently investigating One driver alleges that the FSD led to a collision on November 3 in Bray, California. The owner alleges that his model wick got into the wrong lane and hit another car, causing considerable damage to both.

Tesla is releasing new beta for more users with a driver safety score of 98 and higher – previously, beta releases were limited to drivers with a perfect 100 score. Tesla charges drivers $ 199 per month or $ 10,000 per shot for this feature, but has failed to meet the deadline for autonomous driving. Currently, the FSD system is considered a Level 2 system – far from the level 4 needed to be truly “fully automated”.

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