Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Tesla long Secret Its code indicates that it is giving owners live view access to its EV’s autopilot cameras – now, the automaker is finally launching the feature. Its the latest software update Included Sentry mode is a feature called Live Camera Access, which allows owners to see their car from a distance while parking. Sentry mode Tesla integrated surveillance system that uses a 360 dash cam to record damage and try to break-in any. This has led to the arrest of people who have tried to steal Tesla in the past, but the owners have so far not been able to use it to see the current environment of their car.

In its update notes, Tesla stated that the live camera function is end-to-end encrypted and cannot be accessed by the company. To enable or disable it, the owners have to go under the control of safety and security. According to ElectricHowever, owners must have an active one Premium connection Subscription to enable live view. Subscription packages give them access to satellite maps and live traffic visualization, as well as web browsing on media streaming and data. It costs 10 per month, but owners can sign up for a free trial before paying for the service.

At this time, Live Camera is only available for iOS users who can view footage around their car through the Tesla app. Automaker unfortunately has not yet announced when its Android app will also be enabled.

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