Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Tesla’s “full self-driving” (FSD) feature was something like a rocky history, to keep things generous. It has been involved Multiple crashes, A seemingly persistent software bug and a cavalcade of verification-sorting Panopoly Of Regulator Corpses. Also, it’s about spending more money.

The bump represents an additional $ 2,000 being tapped on an unreasonable price tag: a new Grand total of $ 12,000, or most of the way the Honda Civil. Nor is it the first time that the price of FSD has gone up. In 2020, Musk (again on Twitter) announced roughly 2,000 Inflation. This most recent increase, Musk made clear, would only apply to the United States; He added that the feature would “increase in price as we move closer to publishing the FSD production code.”

Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as the most delusional.

Significantly, the purchase of the “fully self-driving” feature does not actually result in a self-driving car. This is why Senators Markey and Blumenthal FTC have called for this Investigation Tesla and the Mask, among other things, are “additional details of their car’s capabilities.” According to a survey, only nearby Tesla 11 percent Owners are throwing away the money needed to enable FSD, and it’s hard to imagine how that trend could be reversed as the financial burden on buyers increases.

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